On page 2 I had an entry “AVENGERS BY TOM DERENICK, Vintage Sample Art” where I inked Tom on 3 pages of Avengers material from the late 1990s. But that was but a sliver of my sample ink work. From the mid-late ’90s into the early 2000s I did a lot of samples over tracing vellum (taped on top of the pencils photocopy) which I abhor. But it was the most-common way that inkers did these in the pre-blueline-on-your-computer days. I cannot cite exact issue for these thumbnails but I can name titles and pencil artists (L-R, top-bottom): Ron Lim on THE INFINITY CRUSADE, Dave Ross on FORCEWORKS, Salvador Larocca on GHOST RIDER, Steven Butler on WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, Tom Grindberg on SILVER SURFER and Tom Raney on the WARLOCK CHRONICLES (2 pages). More samples continue in the next entry. Ultimately, many of these samples on vellum w/ the copies attached were either given away to friends or sold for prices like $1 – $10 depending on the content. The reason for the low value is that even though it was original ink art, it wasn’t the published version and few want to frame a crinkly vellum page. Usually it was amateur inkers trying to hone their skills to break into the biz that got the most use out of these.