Posting this entry took some extra work for me. I’d inked it and then before I could add a gallery entry for it I was busy on my regular assignment for 2 months. By the time I got back to it, I couldn’t remember much about it including who the client was! LOL! I couldn’t find emails, I searched on CAF, couldn’t find the receipt, and finally I found him on Facebook;-)

This is my first work for client Benny Almodovar as well as my first work over DC artist Joe Prado, but it’s my fifth solo Green Lantern (sixth if you count the last GL Corp piece I did recently). For this 11X17 art on 2 or 3-ply board (can’t recall) I used my usual measure of brush and markers for tools. I pondered how I’d resolve the shading used for the green aura surrounding him in black & white and I decided on dot zip with white highlights where he used an eraser. I completed this page on January 25, 2013.

Joe Prado’s DeviantArt page:

Pencils by Joe Prado

Inks by Bob Almond