Kriss Palma’s sophomore commission piece for me was over an artist new to the Gallery, John Watson. Obviously Black Panther is not new to me or the gallery as this is my 26th solo (as opposed to Brotherhood or Avengers images) commission work of him, but Grey Gargoyle is definitely a first-timer. I’ve no idea why Cap’s shield is there unless GG defeated Cap already and turned his shield to stone before BP jumped in, although the shield wasn’t drawn to look stoney…but it certainly can’t crack or break as is, so I dunno…I also wonder if GG and BP were paired because they have the same lined gloves and boots

This 12X18 piece was on a 1-ply board and while I used markers, I used more brush on it than I usually do on commissions….also drybrush, just a few lines with a Hunt 102 quill, and black ink spatter and white ink spatter. I really tried to capture the rocky texture of GG and make BP more organic. I wrapped up this work on Halloween 2012.

John Watson Art:

John’s pencil art

Bob’s ink art