It’s another Magnificent Seven western reunion, pardner! Damon Owens sent me his big 70th commission and his 4th installment of the MS in these here parts from his CAF ‘West Wing’-themed gallery. Not only does it debut penciler Joe St. Pierre in my gallery but Damon had Joe base the image on the poster of the MS film but with the Marvel western heroes.

The usual ruff-n-tumble roll call: (l-r) the Outlaw Kid, the Ringo Kid, Kid Colt, the Rawhide Kid, the Two-Gun Kid, Reno Jones, and Red Wolf.

This 11X17 job was on 2-ply board and inked with brush and markers and added some white paint spatter for the horses klippety-klopping on the prairie terrain. I completed it on March 31, 2013. Joe is digitally coloring the file which will be shared upon completion.

Joe St. Pierre/Pop Art Properties:

Joe’s pencils

pencil art compared to the Magnificent Seven film poster art

Bob's inks

Bob’s inks