Don DeGracia is a Black Panther fan and was one who was actively vocal with Priest, Sal Velluto and myself back in the day. He was last heard from in this Gallery in 2006 we he commissioned me for the first time for this job: Until now. A decade later he contacted me to help him restore some original artwork done by Pat Broderick in the 1990s of his other fan-favorite character Doom 2099. Pat’s marker lines had all gradually faded away and he wanted to know if I could re-ink them. This is more like tracing than inking and the only other time I recall being asked to do this was back in 2003 over a Paul Ryan con sketch of Invisible Woman: But I was up for the job and this was my first Pat Broderick commission, but I can only hope to be able to ink his actual pencil art sometime in the future.

The first page was the 11X17 b&w original cover to Doom 2099#25 on 2-ply Marvel stock. The first file shows what it used to look like, the second how it looked faded when I got it, and the third my re-inks. I sed mostly markers with just a little bit of brush.

The second page on 11X17 board was more challenging because it was in color. I had a print of the original color art to refer to but the colors were different from the original and the lines were almost unseen on the original, obscured by the colors. It was grueling work but using mostly markers and just a little bit of brush I was able to complete it properly.

Doom 2099 cover was done on 4/14/14 and “Power Glove” was done on 4/17/14.

Pat Broderick:

The original cover image as Pat inked it

The faded original art that I needed to ink on.

My re-inks

A print of the art as inked and colored by Pat

The original art with faded lines that I had to work on

My re-inks