This one brings Commission God Damon Owens back, this time specifically with the theme ‘Juggernaut’s Tour of the Mulit-verse’. Here the Marvel villain clashes wit the Harvey Comics heroes, which would fit in with Damon’s ‘Dead Universe Project’ theme. The characters are The Gladiator, Spyman, Jack Frost, Jigsaw, Magicmaster Pirana and the buzzing Bee-Man. They are all new and firsts for me and my gallery. But what really amazes me is that after all these years and hundreds of commissions, a popular character like Juggernaut is only now debuting here! But that’s it for firsts because this is my 11th go at inking Val Semeiks and for prolific client Damon he offers up his 78th job here!

I used brush and makers on this 11X17 2-ply board but with it’s textured surface I couldn’t always get the smoothest lines and edges and I think that the Hunt 102 quill bled so for the flash lines I used a sharp Pitt brush marker. I concluded inking this image on 4/23/14.

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