Client Clifford Meth strikes again, this time asking Sal Velluto and myself, perhaps because of our connection to T’Challa, to render the Coal Tiger! This was Jack (‘King’) Kirby’s original design for the Black Panther before it was altered and he debuted in Fantastic Four#52 (1966). The original design first appeared as a pin-up in the 10th issue of Jungle Action that BP was starring in at the time from 1973-1976. This was my first time inking this character although Sal and I did add/render the costume to a mannequin in T’Challa’s secret underground hideout in the Techno-Jungle (his bat cave, if you will) in issues 23 and 41. This is my 47th time inking a Sal commission, an artist I’ve been commissioned to ink more than any other. It was inked on a comic book backer board over sales pencils using brush and a lot of brush/micron markers. It was completed on 4/1/14.

Sal Velluto:

Sal’s pencils

Bob’s inks

The Jungle Action#10 pin-up by Jack Kirby