Since 2011 my non-profit Inkwell Awards advocacy organization has been inviting artists to participate voluntarily to ink bluelines of Joe Sinnott’s rough and tight pencils in order to donate them to our fundraising and to help us in educating about the art form of inking by showing how an assortment of ink artists can all bring something new and different to the table. So far three volumes of books have been produced by us to collect the first three events. But sadly my schedule didn’t allow me the time to contribute to inking a charity piece because I already put in umpteen hours directing the organization and all of it’s moving parts.

But for the last Challenge Mark Sinnott had his dad Joe render Black Panther knowing that I’d make every effort to try to fit in inking that character due to my run with Priest and Velluto on the series in 1999-2002. And I did. Also, to make things more interesting for auction bidders and Panther fans, since, other than Joe, I was like the only creator know for a connection to the character, I decided to edit the drawing by adding the vibranium and ceremonial accoutrements from his uniform design from our issues (#13-49). In full tribute fashion I also added the corner circle with the Marvel Knights Panther symbol and it’s title logo design instead of the one from Jungle Action (added by Mike Pascale). Being my first time inking Joe, that was a LOT of fun and additionally nostalgic for me. Not quite a commission but this is my 27th solo Black Panther in this gallery. I used more brush than usual for this but I did use some markers. Inked on 11X17 2-ply Kubert board, I finished this on 3/29/14.

Joe Sinnott:

Joe’s tight pencil art

Bob’s inks