Following our arc together as an art team on Marvel’s Heroes For Hire#9-11 (Fear Itself tie-ins and the subsequent Spider-Island one-shot), Kyle was offered a 5-issue limited series by the editor, written by Fred Van Lente, with the Golden-age Destroyer character forming a team of powerhouses like the Hulk, A-Bomb, She-Hulk, Beast, the Deviant Karkas, Devil Dinosaur and the Thing (Godzilla even makes an appearance!). Kyle was told I could ink it but later there was concern of a schedule conflict and the inking position went to someone else. But just as Kyle had penciled 4 pages to issue 2 (the rest were just blueline layouts), the Marvel powers that be cancelled the series, leaving only the first issue inked. Kyle had me ink the first page splash of the Destroyer vs. nazis to the sophomore issue that would never see print which would be offered for sale and an example of our work at our art rep Comic Art House. The art was inked as a blueline on 11X17 2-ply board, but what irritated me was that I used the vellum, grainy surface as opposed to the usual smooth surface I use from Joe Kubert art board. So while I used brush, micronmarkers, Pitt marker, Pitt brush marker, Hunt 102 quill, and some white paint spatter on it, it wasn’t easy getting clean marker lines or ruled lines from the quill. It was completed on 10/10/11.

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