This is client Michael Finn’s 5th “One Minute Later” themed commission, this time based after the original cover image from Avengers#117 by John Romita, part of the classic Avengers/Defenders War story. In this one Captain America strikes back at Namor, the Sub-mariner while floating heads of Daredevil, Hulk and Spider-Man look on instead of the Avengers heads in the original. This was my first gallery entry for penciler Johnny D who was a protege of David Finch. If we count this as an Avengers commission, it’d be my 4th, but that’s too easy….I tried looking back and I haven’t done a Namor or Cap commission in years and the last Namor ones were combinations of him with other characters for Jeff Sequiera…perhaps the Inkwell Gallery Chronicler Damon Owens will be able to research this for the record. I used my usual tools but also used some Hunt 102 quill lines and some grey ink dry brush. The floating heads were sent separately and Michael had them later added to the image in Photoshop along with his usual cover copy additions. This 11X17 piece ranks as among my most meticulous pieces and I completed it on 9/3/11.

Michael Finn’s CAF gallery entry:

11/8/11: Addendum by Damon Owens:

“Number of Namor commissions inked: 32

Number of solo Namor commissions inked: 3

Number of Namor with another character commissions inked: 29

Number of Namor of commissions inked for Jeff S.: 29

Number of Namor commissions inked for me: 2

Last Namor commission inked prior to most recent one: Namor/She-Hulk by Scott (Shade) Jones in 05/06

I think that covers it.


Thanks a lot, Damon! ~B~

Johnny D’s pencils <

Johnny D’s head shot pencils

Bob’s inks

Bob’s inks including Photoshop edits next to the original cover by John Romita