I hadn’t inked one in a while but here’s my 16th Dooneygirl, penciled by good girl artist Michael Dooney. Prolific client Michael Rankins returns to the Inkwell Gallery, for the first time since the upgrade, making this my 44th job for him and the first “Common Elements”-themed piece since his 39th on page 12 of the old gallery2 section! That makes this my 8th CE-themed job for Michael.
I’d had my eye on this one for some time being that I not only love Dooney’s ladies in graphite but I love the winsome Wasp, being a longtime Avengers fan (and for a shorter time, a Legion of Super-heroes fan). This Marvel/DC combo speaks for itself and it was a hoot to add india ink to it. I’d never inked Violet before and I’d only worked on Waspy once by herself on page 3 of the old gallery, I inked her three times more with the Avengers, once for the retro Tales to Astonish Antman & the Wasp faux cover I rendered, and she was among the cast on that unpublished Black Panther#50 cover, making this my 7th time working on her in my gallery. I couldn’t make out the light, unfinished background so I checked with Dooney who said he didn’t remember and to go without it which I did. Rendered in ink with my usual tools and a hint of drybrush, this 11X17 image on 2-ply board was completed on 10/17/11.

Michael Dooney: http://dooneygirls.blogspot.com/

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