Welcome back client Michael Rankins to the Bob Almond Inkwell Gallery with his 51st commission! This is my first attempt at inking Steve Erwin’s pencils. It’s my 2nd commission with Judge Dredd and the first with DC’s Vigilante (their second character by that name). And this is my 10th ‘Common Elements’ themed commission from Michael, who can best explain it (from his CAF gallery):

“The tremendously talented Steve Erwin reached back to one of his earliest comics assignments to create the scenario for this Common Elements entry starring Vigilante — a character whose exploits Steve drew in the 1980s — and Judge Dredd.

The artist places our pistol-packing juggernauts at the dimensional nexus featured in Grimjack, another ’80s title whose pages Steve’s pencils graced. Notice how the background behind Vigilante reflects his location in Manhattan, while Dredd enters the scene from MegaCity One. At the corner of the building housing Munden’s Bar — Grimjack’s home base — their two worlds collide.

The common element here will be apparent to readers who recall that behind the Vigilante mask is Adrian Chase, by profession a criminal court judge.”

This 11X17 commission was on 3-ply Blue Line Art board. All off the background was inked in markers (microns and Pitt) whereas the figures were a combination of markers and brush. It was completed on January 27, 2015.

Steve’s website: http://steveerwinart.com/Steve_Erwin_Art/Blog/Blog.html

Steve’s pencils

Bob’s inks