I was sent 8.5X11 files from brand new French client Cedric Malinosky of Marvel’s X-men characters Bishop and Cable, each rendered by a different penciler, Roland Boschi and Val Semeiks, respectively. This is my eleventh go at inking Val but Roland is a new one for me. And his drawing seemed like a convention sketch, loose and anatomically a bit off. I looked up his art online and as it turns out he normally sketches loosely and simply.

Cedric asked me to enlarge them files slightly to 9X12 as blue lines and ink them with a connected background, a diptych, with a futuristic landscape behind Cable and an apocalyptical one behind Bishop. I have the separate files here and I am awaiting help from a friend to merge them as they are too large to scan fully on my scanner. (Thanks to MIke Kellar for merging the files for me) I have no recollection of having ever been commissioned to ink these characters before, but that could simply be my shaky memory.

I inked these using brush, Pitt brush marker, Pitt superfine marker, micronmarkers, white paint dry brush, white paint spatter, dot zip-a-tone, black finger smudges, black dry brush, and white paint finger smudges. This was completed as a whole on May 10, 2013.

Val Semeiks: http://www.valsemeiks.com

Val’s pencils

Bob’s inks

Roland’s sketch

Bob’s finishes

merged (but cropped) file