This jam piece added to my gallery is a threefer! It’s my first commission for new client Steven French, my first time inking pencils of Alfred Trujillo and it’s my first time with Dark Claw. The character was one of the many ‘mash-up’ characters in the Amalgamation Universe of the ’90s, an event where Marvel and DC smooshed their characters and concepts into one universe for a series of one shot issues. In this image the client has embellished and has him holding Thor’s hammer mjolnir and wearing a Star Wars jedi lightsabre.

Artist Scott Blair sketched out the composition which was loosely based on a Ed Benes & Nei Ruffino piece called Batman and Marvel Divas. Then artist Dawn Mcteigue rendered Jean Grey as The Black Queen, artist Jen Broomall did
Emma Frost as the White Queen, and Scott added Poison Ivy in a Slave Leia bikini. Each artist did their own colors. on 11/21/14 the client posted the Dark Claw colors on his Facebook page and he’d commissioned award-winning colorist Laura Martin to do them.

This jam was on an 11X17 board and I used my usual brush and markers to ink it with a little bit of dry brush added for texture. It was completed on 5/18/13.

Alfred’s website:

Alfred’s pencils

Bob’s inks

Laura Martin’s colors over the Dark Claw figure I inked