New French client Kriss Palma sent me his fifth page of art (as a file for inking as a blue line) and my second work by Thomas Frisano, who I’ve come to truly appreciate. Besides drawing inspiration from master artist John Buscema, I find that his pencils challenge me, like using different inking muscles from that I’m used to. This Punisher was no exception….shockingly, it’s my first Punisher commission! I removed the border that wasn’t cropping anything and completed that tip of the gun clip. It was rendered on 2-ply Kubert board using mostly brush, with some brush and regular markers and drybrush. It was finished on May 4, 2013. Later on May 18 I commissioned it to be colored by Nate Lovett.

Nate Lovett on DeviantArt:

Thomas’ pencils

Bob’s inks

Colors by Nate