Here’s my third attempt at Mr. Jones’ pencils, in this case what seems like a rough convention sketch of Batman from first-time client Jason Norek. Counting a reciprocal artist commission and sketch card commission I penciled and inked, this will be my eighth Batman. I tightened up and inked the figure, scanned it, sent it to Jason, and began to pack it up when he reminded me that he’d commissioned me to add a background to it <D’oh!> So I did up a sharpie prelim of one on a photocopy and he approved so I subsequently proceeded to the final inks. Inked with brush, Pitt brush marker, and microns initially, I used a Pentel correction pen and white ink spatter for the rain effects.
I really liked how this one came out (although I think the light FX in the prelim came out better) and I’ve proceeded, with Jason’s permission, with having Liezl Buenaventura digitally color it for a print. My inks were completed on 8/2/10. Liezl’s colors were done a month later on 9/2/10.
Liezl Buenaventura:

Liezl’s first proof

Liezl’s final version after my requested edits

Casey’s sketch

Bob’s figure inks

Bob’s prelim of the background idea on a photocopy

Bob’s final inks