I hadn’t done a blueline commission for a bit but Kris Fenol made up for that with this, his fifth commission consisting of my third Bayani and my first time with Rowr, rendered by Stephen Segovia, my initial shot at inking him and he’s certainly another ‘workout’ penciller who puts me through my paces with the Kirby crackle and morse code of dots & dashes;-) Kris asked me to add stripes to the character of Rowr and I obliged. Inked with brush, Hunt 102 quill, Pitt brush marker, and microns, this 11X17 2-ply Kubert board was finished on 7/26/10. Kris later posted Tom (Color Dojo) Chu’s digital colors at his DeviantArt page (http://cityofheroes.deviantart.com/#/duz5vk) on 8/30/10.

Tom Chu’s DA page: http://colordojo.deviantart.com/

Digital colors by Tom Chu

Stephen’s pencils

Bob’s inks