My eight ‘Brotherhood’-themed commission for my most prolific client Damon Owens with his 61st job for me, this one was my premier effort over artist Cedric Nocon. I recently mentioned that Stephen Segovia ‘put me through my paces’ but Nocon put me through the wringer and spin cycle, LOL! Damon’s image shows the various members of his Brotherhood team that have died in the comics (and one who has returned since) such as Dr. Midnite (#1), Nightwatch (#1), Shadowhawk (#1), Thunderbolt (#1), Night Thrasher (#1), Orpheus (#2), and Goliath (#2 but first in this costume). Damon asked me to add blacks to Nightwatch’s mask and I obliged. This commission on 11X17 2-ply Eon board was rendered with mostly markers (Pitts and Sakura microns) with some Hunt 102 quill for some of the background misty lines and all of the background flashlines (which bled a bit on the board), and some brush. After an eternity I completed this image on 8/18/10 and you can now add ME to ‘The Fallen’

Cedric’s pencils

Bob’s inks