I usually post my entries in chronological order of completion but I held onto this one so as to not spoil a surprise.

I originally inked this commission for Chris LeFebvre in 2003 over a rough layout by Thomas O’Conner: http://almondink.com/bobarchive/gallery/superman.html He’d asked me to turn the nondescript figure into Superman, which I did with some work on my part. Flash forward to late 2010 when Chris’ friend and my Comic Art House art rep Bob Shaw called asking me if I could recreate the art through a blueline. Chris’ home had been tragically destroyed in a fire which had also done in his original art collection. So I searched my lateral file drawers for my photocopies of the original commission (I save hard copies of everything) and scanned the inked image and converted it to bluelines and printed it up on 11X17 2-ply Kubert board. Using my usual inking tools, I redid the job and, with Bob’s approval, added in some background zip so as to add something different to the job for Chris. I completed this gift on 2/11/11.

Rough pencil layout by Thomas O’Conner

Bob’s recreation inks before adding zip

Bob’s recreation inks w/ zip