DAMON OWENS: my 64th commission for him (3rd Cage Matches theme)
DARRYL BANKS: my tenth with him on pencils
CHARACTERS: Luke Cage, Power Man (3rd in the Inkwell gallery) and Bill Foster (3rd), Black Goliath (1st)
SIZE/MEDIUM: 8.5X11 on 2-ply board
TOOLS: Raphael Kolinsky brush (8404) size 2, Sakura micron markers. Pitt marker (S) and Pitt Brush marker, Hunt 102 nib (for 4 lines)
CAGE MATCH INSPIRATION: Power Man # 24 (1975) by Isabella, Tuska & Hunt (cover: Kane & Giacoia?)

COMMENT: This one reminded me why I often prefer bluelines as I had to redo the blacks after erasing the pencils and had to cover up some smearing of the ink.

COMPLETED: 3/26/11

DARRYL BANKS CAF GALLERY: http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetail.asp?gcat=11377

Published cover

Pencils by Darryl

Inks by Bob