Michael Rankins returns to my gallery with his 17th commission for me which is actually more of an enhancement job. Brazilian artist Jorge Correa Jr. pencilled & inked this piece for the client’s “Common Elements” gallery of Wonderman (a fave of mine) and Wonder Girl. But Michael asked me to add some more contrast to the image like definition, shadows & texture. While not as time-consuming as fully inking pencil art, this is still a challenge for me since there is a clash of styles from the word “GO”. Jorge uses a beautiful, delicate series of fine line work with bolder contour lines and intentionally a minimum of contrasts. I needed to know when to add and when to not. The background had contrasts and didn’t need anything since we wanted the figures to be dominant. WG, in my opinion, didn’t really need more definition as it would be gratuitous and over-render her so I only added black to the blue shorts and made a couple of lines bolder. WM, however, I had a lot of options with and he was more the concern of the client anyway. I don’t know if I like it since my additions look odd in the mix for me but Michael loved it and THAT’S what really matters! This was my second commission I’ve done with Simon Williams in it (none solo yet) and my 1st time with Donna. I was done with this 11X17 job on 8/24/2007.

Jorge Correa Jr. pencil & ink art

Inks by Bob