Larry makes another mighty return to the gallery with this, his 10th piece, inking my pencil partner of now 10 years, Sal Velluto, this being our 32nd commission together. My 3rd commission with the Avengers team, Larry had the brilliant idea of recreating a classic cover of GIANT-SIZE X-MEN v1 #1 by Gil Kane & Dave Cockrum but using the Avengers founding members (Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp & Antman) in place of the founding X-Men. The rest of the image would show a late ’70s-centric roster of “new members”. I assisted Larry with some members and uniform suggestions (well, that was the team =I= also grew up with) which he was very receptive about using (Hawkeye, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Yellowjacket, Wonderman, Vision & Beast). I tweaked the cast to look more faithful to the intended retro designs. I inked the 11X17 image with micron markers, Pitt brush marker, brush, Hunt 102 quill, black line zip for Cap’s shield, and, upon my suggestion to look more authentic, white dot zip over the founding members. I finished it on 10/15/2007. Larry had Bob Layton add copy/text to the faux cover and that is included here as well

Sal’s prelim sketch

Sal’s pencil art

Bob’s ink art

The original G.S. X-Men cover art by Kane & Cockrum

The inked cover re-interpretation commission w/ Bob Layton’s copy added