Another Marvel Two-in-One commission for the MTIO Guy, my 11th, this time a faux cover for his What-if? MTIO issue (“King-size#9”) with the Thing teaming up with John Carter, Warlord of Mars and Werewolf by Night against the Brotherhood of the Badoon. It’s my 4th commission over the pencils of Scott McDaniel and while this is my first John Carter and second Badoon and Werewolf, I don’t know how many Things I’ve being commissioned to do without the all-knowing knowledge of the Grand Chronicler at hand (Damon! Please help!). I used the usual markers for most of the work and only a little brush and some Hunt 102 quill. I finalized this 11X17 job on 2-ply board on 9/3/12.

UPDATE: thanks to Damon’s research on the last Thing entry this commission makes this my 18th Thing commission.

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