Artist Al Rio has been a valuable part of this gallery as I’d inked six commissions over him over time, some as breakdown sketches meaning I had to bring more to the table as a finishing inker, always a challenge for me. However, since the last job I did for Michael Rankins in November of 2011, Al suddenly and tragically passed away two months later which, besides being a loss to his loved ones, fans and the world, could have meant a lot less Rio masterpieces passing through this gallery. However, Al art rep and agent Terry Maltos has been selling many works by Al since his death, many in the rough layout or prelim stage. Michael Rankins has been one of those buyers and he’s sent a few my way. This is flattering and still challenging to me, but I am always honored to try my best.

My 7th Al Rio art and 47th job for Michael, this prelim art of the Legion of Super-heroes’ member Dawnstar is my first crack at this character AFAIK. I was asked to enlarge the 8.5X11 work on paper onto 11X17 2-ply board, converting it to blueline. I used quite a bit of brush, Pitt brush marker, other markers, white paint to spatter stars, razor blade for crater/planet textures, two zip-a-tone textures for the right planet, and china marker (crayon). I completed this work on August 20, 2012.

Al’s prelim breakdown sketch

Bob’s finishing inks