My 8th Michael Rankins job and my 2nd piece inking Almeida, I got a nice Wanda pic to play with (my 5th). I made some costume alterations per the client’s specifications. Then I spotted more blacks to further compliment the figure and play up the strong light source from the hex. Personally, I think the hair has a Paul Smith look to it. This inked piece, done with markers and brush, was my first attempt. I then decided to further elaborate on the cast shadows from the light source by adding a very light 10% dot zip screen. From there I cut out and added some white dot zip circles and also scraped a dull X-acto blade through the art to enhance the hex effect. Strangely, unlike the previous Almeida Daredevil art, while using the same “Al Rio” art board, none of the art or board tore or lifted from the zip and cutting this time! <whew!> This 11X17 commission was completed on 12/16/2005.

Pencils by M. Almeida

Bob’s inks w/ additional SFX

Bob’s inks