Some would ask what the difference is between regular Marvel Universe Peter Parker and the Ultimate Marvel version and that may be a legitimate question although I would guess this one is younger. This is my third commission from Brendan Hood as he was very pleased with the results from the Mike Lilly Nightwing and the Casey Jones Peter Parker/ Spider-man pieces he previously hired me to ink. He sent me the hi-res file of the image to be printed and inked as a blueline because the original board was stained and torn at the edges. He loved the rendition of the character but asked me to finish up the sneakers and glasses as those had not been fully-rendered and completed in pencil. My first time inking Bill, I worked on 2-ply 11X17 Joe Kubert board with my usual brush and micron and Pitt markers. This is my first Parker solo commission but if you count him as Spidey it’s my sixth. I completed it on 9/16/10. On 10/7/10 Brendan sent me the color file done by colorist Tom Chu.

Bill Marrimon’s pencils

Bob’s inks

Tom Chu’s digital colors