This was my 1st commission for Gary M. Miller but my sophomore effort over “Happy Herbie”, previously inked on page 5 of my gallery. This job was sent to me as a 11X17 file that I printed up in blueline on 2-ply board. The client wanted Herb to render the cover recreation as a variant of the original cover to Incredible Hulk v1 #1 from 1962 (file 5) but with a 1970s theme using the cover copy design and characters from that period, the period that Herb worked in. I inked the image with my usual tools but also a Hunt 102 quill for the flash lines and finished it on 9/22/2008. The last time I inked Hulk was on page 7 of my gallery fighting Thor and before that page 4 fighting the Absorbing Man in one entry and the Thing in another entry immediately before it. The 1st Hulk I did was over Craig Rousseau on page 2, making this my 8th Hulk commission I’ve done. The client asked me to email the inked file to my pal Tom Smith in order to digitally color it, also in a somewhat retro style (file 3). He did up gray and green-skinned versions.

Herb Trimpe pencils

Bob’s Inks

Tom Smith’s Gray Hulk colors

Tom Smith’s Green Hulk colors

Original published source material by Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman?