One of the most-prolific pencillers I’ve inked here at the Inkwell Gallery, this is Dooneygirl #17 for me and the last one was also for client Michael Rankins back in 2011! I’ve missed his ‘Good Girl’ greatness for four years in what is the client’s 56th commission for me. This time the character is Taarna from Michael’s Taarna-themed CAF gallery, a character whom I’ve only inked once before for Michael (or anyone) back in 2007 by Mel Rubi. She was the leading lady in Heavy Metal The Movie (1981).

I used all of my usual inking tools of brush and markers as well as some grey ink wash and a bit of china marker/crayon effect. I’m not sure I captured the subtlety of the hair and wish my ‘ol faithful’ brush wasn’t dying on me, but the image got a lot of praise online so I guess I’m in the clear;-)

This 11X17 art on 2-ply board was inked by May 10, 2015.

Michael’s pencils

Bob’s inks