This is my 8th “Switcheroo Gallery”-themed commission for regular client Brendan Hood but my first time over Sanford Greene. Originally, this was commissioned to another inker but the client wasn’t happy with the results so he had me redo it on blueline. But some changes and Photoshop manipulation had to be done so I have to credit my artist chum Craig Rousseau who I pulled in for a favor. My 9th Spidey job, I was hired to ink this on 11X17 2-ply board in blueline and did so with my usual bag of inking tricks, finishing it up on November 14, 2011. Color artist Tom Chu was later pulled in to color the image for Brendan.

Sanford Greene on Deviantart:
Tom Chu on Deviantart:
Craig Rousseau website:

Originals pencils by Sanford Greene

Edited pencils by Craig Rousseau

Inks by Bob Almond

Digital colors by Tom Chu

Requested color edits by Chu for the client