My 6th “One Minute Later”-themed commission for Michael Finn is another Avengers cover from my formative fan years (1976-’80s), issue 174 and part 7 of 10 chapters to the legendary Korvac Saga. The original cover was rendered by George Perez and Terry Austin and George made an error that Jaime reflected. The Beast had left the Avengers temporarily the issue or two prior to this one to help the X-men for the Mesmero/Magneto/Savage Land epic taking place at the time. So he shouldn’t have been on the original cover nor the redone cover as he wasn’t present for the battle with the Collector.

With Michael’s approval I made some edits in my inks because while every artist is usually allowed some artistic license in their interpretations of characters, some of the outfits and designs were clearly incorrect so I made some changes to Thor, Wasp, Hawkeye, and Vision. I also adjusted Thor’s arm because it looked off. My version isn’t perfect but it looks better IMHO (you can see the blue where the drawing varied from my version).

My 5th Avengers commission and my first crack at Filipino-based commercial artist Jaime Salangsang, it was inked in blueline on 11X17 2-ply board with all of my usual tools and completed on November 29, 2011.

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Jaime’s pencils

Bob’s inks

A comparison of the original cover by Perez and Austin and the redone version with copy added.