And for the theme of threefers, here’s my third Re-Legion commission for client Aidan Lacy, this time over the pencils of Jason Metcalf, my third time inking him. The source material was from DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths#1’s cover by George Perez. To this amalgamated version we have (clockwise) Wolverine, Dawnstar, Angel. Lightning Lass, Cyclops, a merged Moondragon and Saturn Girl in place of Pariah, Sunboy and an unknown girl. Also inked over a blueline, this one was hard to read because the pencils showed up very light. I recall having to tweak a few details and then after I was done Aidan asked Russell Payne to tweak the costumes of Sunboy and Lightning Lass. Inked on 2-ply Kubert board, I used all of my usual inking tools and while I normally spatter white paint for starscapes, I did them by hand this time to better match how the original was done. It was completed 10/6/13.

Jason Metcalf:

Pencils by Jason Metcalf

Bob’s inks

Copy and addition ink edits by Russell Payne

Source material: front cover art of Crisis on Infinite Earths#1 by George Perez