Sorry for the long delay in the Bob Almond Inkwell Commission Gallery…like a year delay! This means that the next 21-22 entries may not be filled as much to the max with nuanced details like usual. For some that might be a disappointment (Damon!), for others, perhaps a relief-LOL! I’ll do my best. But if you see some ‘stats only’ pages, you can guess correctly that I sadly forgot stuff.

This commission was my first technically for client Aidan Lacy for his ‘Re-Legion: Infinite Timelines’ theme. It was also done earlier than the last few entries here, including the Re-Legion by Emil Cabaltierra which was posted first but was my actual second Lacy job. I was asked to hold off posting this one until after he added it to his gallery (and boy, did I hold off ). This image is an homage to the covers by John Byrne and Dan Jurgens and it uses the characters Umbra and Superwoman. For a better explanation of the story, Aidan spell it out at his CAH gallery (

This is my first time inking the pencil work of Rob Phipps and my first time handling Superwoman and Umbra as far as I know. The work was done over a blueline of the pencils on 11X17 2-ply Kubert School board. I used brush, Pitt brush marker, Pitt and micron markers, china marker/grease pencil, and back ink finger smudges. I completed it on May 17, 2013.

Rob’s ComicArtFans gallery:

Pencils by Rob Phipps

Inks by Bob Almond

Copy and special fx by Russell Payne

Source material by Dan Jurgens & Mike DeCarlo (Booster Gold#7) and John Byrne (Action Comics#594)