The 4th piece from a four-piece batch, this is my fourth ‘Spider-Wing’-themed piece, combining Nightwing and Spider-man, client Jerry Livengood’s fave hero characters and my tenth job for him. This is my second subset, cross-universe Act’s of Vengeance theme. This is my 6th Nightwing commission (counting both solo and team-ups) but my first Venom. But most-importantly, this is my 13th M.C. Wyman job, making him my THIRD most inked pencil artist in the Inkwell Gallery after Sal Velluto (45) and Michael Dooney (16). The last Wyman I inked was THREE years ago for Damon Owens’ Cage Match of Powerman vs. Dr. Doom.

I used a lot of brush for this one, a blueline image on 11X17 Kubert 2-ply art board, as well as my assortment of markers. I finished it on 5/9/12.

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