Witness what has taken the number one spot for most time-consuming commission in my Inkwell gallery! We have Batman being traumatized by the sight of the deaths of his parents by the sadistic fear-master The Scarecrow while Robin is a crucified prisoner. Japan-based client Yoshimichi Majima was referred to me by Michael Finn because Yoshi saw the Segovia Hulk vs. Wolverine OML job that I did some months ago and wanted to know if Michael would vouch for me. Once he did I was sent the file to convert it to blueline but I printed up a greyscale version to refer to because I knew I’d go ‘blueline blind’ before long and need the copy to refer to with all of the gazillion lines involved. Actually, if it was all just lines that would be one thing, but, much the the earlier work over Segovia, some of the image was tonal. So I needed to decide how to translate that. Last time I incorporated some greywash. This time I decided to go almost 100% line, ala Wrightson, Booth, Clemont Coll, etc. as an additional challenge, leaving only Batman’s cape to use drybrush so as to allow the piece to breath with a contrasting texture. I used mostly thicker lines and solid blacks in the foreground, adjusting the ratio of such elements as the image receded into the middle and background where there were no blackened areas, little contrast and mostly thin lines. Due to the nature of this work I used about 95% markers on it and only brush, drybrush and china marker crayon for the other 5%. I also used an x-acto blade to add white lines or clean them up at times. This was my first time with Yoshi, my 3rd over Segovia, and my 5th Batman and my 3rd Robin (I did two related Robin pieces for Brendan Hood one time). Scarecrow was a first (I believe). This 11X17 blueline image on 2-ply Kubert board was completed on May 28, 2012.

On June 16, 2015 I received a color file from Liezl Buenaventura.


Stephen’s insane pencils

Bob’s blood-smeared inks

Liezl’s colors