The Inkwell Awards is producing another charity book this year, this time showing the creation of their spokesmodel character, India Wells AKA Ms. Inkwell, and interpretations of her by various industry artists. While I’m normally too busy to contribute via inking to my own non-profit organization’s books, Roger asked me to ink him if he was to participate so I agreed. My first time inking Roger, he returned with a layout sketch of her in non-photo blue pencil (not Photoshop conversion) for me to finish. When I did so I realized that she needed some tweaking to closer match the originally design by Randy Green (she had a skirt that I tranformed into the tuxedo dress). I inked this 11X17 image on 2-ply board with mostly brush but also some Pitt brush marker and my other markers. I used drybrush and ink spatter as well as rub-on dot Instantex for her earring and a lacy texture zip-a-one for her stockings. I finished the job on 2/22/12. Two days later Roger and I discussed a variation to get more contrast and he altered the ink in Photoshop to grey which I subsequently edited to get the line weights proper.

Roger Andrews at Comic Art House:

Roger’s layout sketch

Bob’s finishing inks

Photoshop altered image by Roger and Bob (version to be printed)