And here’s my first crack at Michael Netzer. I always loved his limited amount of output back in the ’70s and ’80s when he was known by the alias Mike Nasser. He was one of the various artists inspired by the Neal Adams approach to comic book illustration (like Mike Grell, Tom Grindberg, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sal Velluto, Pat Olliffe, Samuel Clarke Hawbaker, etc.) and whether the work be comic assignments or commissions, I’d inked everyone on the list except Neal himself and Bill and, up until now, Michael. The client who made this happen was longtime friend and Inkwell Awards committee member (until recently) Daniel Best who returns to the Almond Inkwell commission gallery for his second submission after a 5+ year absence(, although both had my only commissions with the character The Phantom who I’d also ghost-inked Sal Velluto for the oversees publisher Egmont. Judge Dredd, however, is a gallery newbie debut.

I used a more random line, evident in the pencils, in order to capture the life of the initial image. I utilized my brush, Pitt brush marker, Pitt S marker, micron markers, and a Hunt 102 nib. I finished this 11X17 blueline on 2-ply Kubert board on 2/19/12.

Michael Netzer online portal:

Michael’s pencils

Bob’s inks