Welcome back client Marvel Two-in-One Guy (MTIO Guy)! For a quick recap for those unfamiliar- he’s known for commissioning artists to do: re-interpretations of MTIO covers that were published, What-If? MTIO covers that were never published and re-interpretations of interior pages to Marvel Two-in One#76, his first beloved issue he ever picked up. This commission will be my 12th for him and it falls within the third option, making it my fourth with that theme.

The original published issue had art by Jerry Bingham and Chic Stone. I’ve already done reinterpretations with pencilers I’m familiar with inking like Sal Velluto, Val Semeiks and Darryl Banks. This time I didn’t know what hit me-LOL! MTIO Guy sent me a manga version of page 12 by an artist known as Eudetenis. On it Bobby Drake and his gf Terri try to outrun some circus goons.

On the 11X17 Kubert 2-ply board with blueness of the pencils I used mostly markers but I did use some brush and some Hunt 102 quill and some white paint dry brush. MTIO Guy asked me to better emphasize the goons slipping in the second to last panel. I wrapped up this one on 9/19/14.

Eudetenis’ pencils

Bob’s inks

The commission side-by-side with the published work by Bingham & Stone