And this here’s my 45th Sal Velluto commission, the most-prolific penciler in my gallery, not a surprise considering this is our 15th year as a team, although we haven’t done an official assignment this year so it’s actually only 14 years of straight work together, unless someone hires us for something in the remaining months of ’12, not counting commissions. It’d been several gallery pages since our last piece (“Black Panther vs. Karate Kid”) but it’s like coming home again as mu inks fit Sal’s familiar pencils like a glove.

This is my 9th MTIO Guy Marvel Two-in-One-themed re-interpretation commission, this time for the cover art of Marvel Two-in-One Annual#7. In that issue the Elder of the Universe The Champion was introduced (by that time other Elders had been revealed as the final survivors of their respective races and included The Collector, The Grandmaster, The Contemplator, The Gardener and the Possessor with many more later to come). The original cover was by Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia.

I used my Raphael Kolinsky 8404 size 3 brush, micronmarkers, Pitt markers including the Pitt brush, and again I had no problem whatsoever using a Hunt 102 for the flashlines (and some other lines) on this 11X17 2-ply Marvel Comics cover stock although I did use some Pitt brush marker for them as the lines were very thick in places and I didn’t want to kill my Hunt nib. I also slightly enhanced Colossus to look more like his appearance back then. I completed this job on 8/3/12.

Sal Velluto:

Sal’s pencils

Bob’s inks

Published 1982 cover by Wilson & Giacoia