While I’ve inked four Green Lanterns, this is my first Green Lantern Corps commission, although with the way the Lanterns are defined today, they aren’t quite called that anymore. As my client Jason Norek stated on his CAF gallery page entry: “No clue what to call this one. Features, Sinestro, Star Sapphire, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Hal Jordan, Saint Walker and the chick from the Indigo tribe. Pretty cool pinup with all the reps of the Lantern colors.”

This is my 5th job for Norek and my third time inking over the meticulous work of Diego Bernard. Besides a lot of brush and markers used on this, I used a Hunt 102 for the background flashlines as the 11X18 2-ply board took to it well (rare for me), and I used a Pentel white correction pen for the lines through them. I finished this one on 7/29/12.

Diego’s DeviantArt gallery: http://diegobernard.deviantart.com/

Diego’s pencils

Bob’s inks