In this case the client wanted to commission me to ink this INKED image of the Invisible Woman by Paul. Originally done in 1993, the ink lines, not done with permanent India ink, were starting to vanish (appropriately enough) and he asked if I could redo it to salvage the work. My concern was that I would ‘savage’ the work. Thickening up the thin contour lines would be automatic for me but I was afraid that I would lose e gestural quality of some of Paul’s lines in marker, especially the hair, making the lines look stiffer. I wanted to be faithful but my anal-retentive nature kicked in a bit and I found myself cleaning up some stuff, again, losing the ‘sketch’ look. I’m not sure that it’s better, but it’s now permanent. My second Ryan commission, this 11X14 image was completed on 12/20/03.

Ink sketch by Paul Ryan