My 4th Wyman commission, this was the kind of Marvel image I love to dive into. The challenge that I faced was to have Crusher Creel pop out with clarity in front of Hulk and my client & I also wanted his transformation to be clear. So I decided to spatter the rocky debris and then match the parts of his body that were rocky (legs, chest, shoulder) and spatter those areas as well to establish the consistency of texture as a visual cue. I also elaborated on the rocky parts and debris to make them craggier & grittier. I then used white paint to make other smooth parts of his body to be shiny (arms & hands, side & back of torso, head) to match the metal girders in the debris by making the surfaces reflective with white lines and dots over black areas. Using brush, marker, b&w spatter and black smudging, I finished the 11X17 commission on 1/16/03. The client was happy with the results of my 2nd Hulk commission and he then commissioned Tom Smith to color the art 2 days later.

Wyman’s pencils

Almond’s inks

Tom Smith’s colors