Soon after Sal & my creative run on Marvel’s Black Panther had ended Sal began working up a proposal.pitch for a new project with author Michael Jan Friedman who he’d worked with on the Silver Surfer: Loftier Than Mortal 2-issue series. It was a sci-fi concept called Galahad and Sal rendered this huge page (24X36?) as a promotional image for the pitch. I inked the original art and our final but favorite Black Panther color artist Jennifer Schellinger worked her palette magic on it. We would’ve been the art team for it if it was picked up by anyone for a series. But after some effort on their part it seemingly wasn’t meant to be.

For obvious reason I’ve not posted this anywhere for almost 15 years but while I was updating my 13 month out of date gallery I ran across the file posted in Sal’s own website gallery page for public appreciation. So while I do not have the pencil art (c’mon, by now you know what Sal’s pencils look like here-LOL!) I think it’s finally safe to reveal the final product! Enjoy!

Sal Velluto:

Galahad promo art by Sal Velluto, Bob Almond & Jennifer Schellinger