Here we have the Thing and Human Torch from the Fantastic Four facing off against the Silver Surfer as his master Galactus beckons from behind. This is my 2nd Ron Wilson piece and the debut commission from client Stuart Neft to the Inkwell gallery. First, I needed to tweak some spots in the art that bugged me in the drawing. Then I inked the piece with brush & markers. I had to use markers and a Pitt brush marker to rule the lines in the background since the Blueline Pro board sadly doesn’t accommodate quill usage without bleeding. I spattered white paint over the ruled lines. I added some gradated dot zip to Surfer’s leg to play up the strong lightsource in front of him. I added white dot zip to accentuate the energy around Surfer’s hands. And I scraped a dull razor where the Surfer’s energy blast hit near Ben Grimm as well as spatter some white paint to enhance the impact effect. This 11X17 job was completed on 8/31/2006.

Pencils by Ron Wilson

Inks by Bob