Behold T’Challa, the Black Panther (whom I am somewhat familiar with) as rendered by Darryl Banks, my 6th work over him, my 18th commission with the Wakandan king and my 13th job for client Michael Rankins. Using brush, Pitt brush marker and other markers I inked this 10X15 image and added black to the outside border to expand the art to 12X18 and help add more contrast to the composition and pop out the Panther. Always thinking about what I can bring to the table I made a photocopy of the inked art and filled in sections with a gray soft pencil to see if BP would look better if I were to add a tonal medium to the mix to play up the duel, strong lighting that Darryl suggested. I would’ve used either dot zip, gray wash or Prismacolor black pencil or black crayon. But after talking it over with Michael we mutually agreed to keep the commission as it originally was inked. I completed this job on 9/13/2006. Next up on my commission list for Michael, T’Challa’s current wife in his book: Storm….well, sort of….

BOB’S 2021 OPINION: I almost wish I’d gone with the extra option, except I’d cover up the left rectus femoris leg muscle with shadow and probably behind the top of his head and parts of the cloak behind that.

Pencils by Darryl Banks

Alternate inking idea discussed w/ the client but rejected”

Bob’s final inks