For my 8th Christophe Palma commission I received the odd Marvel pairing of Deadpool sitting and whistling on Galactus. It’s only my 2nd Deadpool and it’s only my second Galactus! This gallery surprises me from time to time! The penciler is brand new to me…Rene Micheletti. The page on what I think was 1-ply board was slightly oversized at 11.75X16.5 and drawn to the very edges so a sliver of art was cropped off the edges when scanned. While I used a Raphael Kolinsky 8404 size 3 brush, Pitt brush marker and microns, the feathering/transitional lines were done with brush, brush marker and a Hunt 102 quill, depending on their thickness and length. I used an old toothbrush to spatter on the stars in the space background. I completed this job on 8/19/14.

Rene’s pencils

Bob’s inks