Damon’s 2nd completed Golden-ager was Timely’s (Marvel’s) the mighty Destroyer from the 1940’s MYSTIC COMICS. He was re0introduced to Comicdom in 1977 by Roy Thomas in the INVADERS. “Happy” Herb Trimpe was invited to do this one and this is my first attempt at inking him. Damon asked Herb to not ink the Destroyer’s vertical red & black stripes on his pants but to instead make them black which I think was a wide move…no one looks intimidating in striped, colorful pants. This was my first attempt at inking Herb and I used a brush, a Pitt brush marker and markers. While fun, the challenge for me with this job was that Herb used a cream-colored art board that I’ve occasionally had to ink on before which causes the ink to fade a little more than usual when I try to erase the pencils at the end and the pencils DON’T. Barely, anyway. So I used a harsher pink pearl eraser on what areas I could to try to erase more pencil lines and I had to redo most of the blackened in sections and even some of the feathering and other details. Even so, some pencil lines still came through in the scanned art and look a bit messy to me as they compete with the ink lines and also some delicate inked lines have faded a bit. This 11X17 commission was finished by 3/5/04.

Pencils by Herb

Inks by Bob