Michael Rankins returns and reintroduces his “Bombshells”-themed commissions to the Almond Inkwell Gallery and artist Dan Veesenmeyer along with them, making these #5 & #6 that I’ve inked over him, and #42 & #43 for Monsieur Rankins. On page 14 of this gallery you can see the first 4 images I did and the explanation but I’ve also included the link to Rankins CAF gallery and reference images to bring everyone up to speed. These were on 11X14 boards and the surface quality was ok. I used my normal supplies to do them, plus some drybrush on one of the shells for textural/shape/weight definition, and I added some shadows. Actually, I wish I’d done more of that drybrush and additional shading with the first four to be honest but what’s done now is sadly done; I’ll be more prepared should there be a next time. The client also had me add the background circles as a design element like last time to pop them out spatially and further reflect the historic source material. Dan uses a soft pencil so erasing is usually a little tough at the end. I finished my 2nd Golden-age Black Cat on 3/30/2009 and my 7th overall Diana a day later. Bombs away!!