This was my 2nd job for James but the umpteenth time that I’ve inked over Sal. James hired us to recreate the cover art from XO-Manowar #0 by art team Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti but instead rendering the armor after the Bart Sears design used later. James asked me to remove the sartorius muscle on his left leg from Sal’s drawing for aesthetic reasons (anatomically, it was correct). I inked this one with brush, markers, razor blade scrapings, drybrush, white paint spatter and fingerprint smudges, and a rub-on Instantex texture sheet. This 11X17 image was completed on 5/27/05.

Sal’s pencils

Bob’s inks

The published cover to XO-Manowar #0
by Quesada & Palmiotti that served as source material