This was my 5th job for Steve Pillarella and my 9th time inking over Wyman’s pencil work. In this case, it was a cover recreation of X-Men v1 #101 (1976) by (All-New) co-creator Dave Cockrum with the elements of the image altered a little bit. I inked it with brush and markers and used a Hunt 102 quill for the flash and speed lines. I added line zip for Cyclops’ visor to match M.C.’s lines even though the image now looks more Terry Austin inked than Dave with it. The pencil art was presumingly sprayed with fixative because I could barely erase the graphite after completion so I had to use collection fluid on spots but I couldn’t get everything. The 11X17 commission was completed on 7/23/2005.

M.C. Wyman’s pencil art

Bob’s ink art

The original published cover to X-men v1 #101 by Dave Cockrum