MY FIRST JRJR JOB! Some artists elude you for years and this was one of those. John Bayer is also a first-time client but Wondergirl is a second-timer, although she shared the spotlight with Wonderman in the earlier gallery entry. I inked this in blueline and besides Wondergirl herself there are cameos by Spider-man (I’ve done 5 solo commissions), Kick-ass (appearing soon in a cinema near you!) and Zeus. Anyway, this was inked on 11X17 2-ply Kubert board and I used my Raphael Kolinsky 8404 size 2 brush, micron and Pitt markers, Pitt brush marker, and some dot zip-a-tone on her bracelets. I had so much fun with this image because JRJr. has all the general info penciled in but there’s enough freedom for an inker to bring their own game to the table and enhance and elaborate on the characters, which I did. Completed on 2/24/10.

John Romita, Jr.: The Artist’s Choice:

John Romita, Jr.’s pencils

Bob Almond’s inks